Guaranteed Special Trade and Professional Prices

Welcome to our trade and professional design website. A certain proportion of our business is necessarily handled by the trade and professional element, who themselves have clients and customers. To this end we are a special business facility for you, where you can buy the goods and services you need at contract rates.  Moreover, you can network into a ready made faculty of engineers, manufacturers, stockists, installers, steel erectors and all the basic human facilities you need to complete your work, from preliminaries through to the conclusion.

Guaranteed Special Support

We can provide you with design, survey and tender support for your quotations and specifications with images, cut and paste documentation and full support on all statutory issues, all back to back to help you construct both a financial and technical package with confidence supported by experience.

Guaranteed Exclusive Trade Support

As a trade or professional supplier you will qualify for special fees and hourly rates, concessionary rates for surveys, and in some cases there will be no charge at all.  You will be able to unconsciously network within facilities throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, with many of our manufacturing facilities globally established, manufacturing under the direct supervision of European engineers and standards. This is also important if you are trying to work on international projects. You will also qualify for special rates on project management. We have an equipment website if you employ us for project work and there are substantial savings to be made on equipping your customers. Additionally every item has been quality assured and only appears if it meets our high quality standard, proven manufacturing times, calculated material content and, dependable and extremely responsive support on those rare occasions when things don’t quite go to plan, not necessarily through our, or your fault.