Industrial PVC Storage Tent Buildings


All buildings have to comply to law. To ensure they do, you must organise the following four preliminaries. If you do not wish to do this we will be very happy to project manage it for you.

These are:-

  • Environment – You or your customer must ensure that the work does not adversely affect the environment. This will be required in the event the building requires planning consent.
  • Building Regulations – You should check whether or not your application needs to comply with building regulations. We have specialists who will do this for you at a very reasonable rate.
  • Foundations We would suggest you use the Institute of Structural Engineers or Consulting Engineers to find a local company who will provide you with the required groundworks calculations for any foundation works which will be recorded to comply with building regulations.
  • Rainwater Systems and Drainage – Your consulting engineer or local builder should be able to deal with these issue from a design point of view.

Retractable Building in Action Video

Quotations – For a specific quotation we need the clear headroom required, the internal width and the internal length. A fixed building requires approximately 200mm either side of the centre line at the perimeters and a retractable building needs 500mm to 600mm clear each side from the edge of the steelwork so the PVC has somewhere to retract into.

Heights – The smallest you can buy in the retractable industrial tent is 3.2m otherwise the PVC can foul the space when it retracts.  Anything below this height  this must be fixed.

Tracks – We can construct buildings with offsets, i.e. one track lower than the other. A builder can easily set the tracks into the ground to allow freedom of movement over them.

Finishes – Standard finish is a PVC Class 2 self extinguishing material for the skin supported by galvanised box section steelwork.

Access Systems and Facilitation – This equipment is designed to be either open or in its standard format has a PVC steel re-inforced sliding curtain. The maximum height of these cannot exceed 6.5m otherwise they become impossible to operate. However there are powered options available for which we would require specific details. We manufacture and supply a range of fast acting sectional roller shutter and sliding doors with full supporting installation and power and automated operating facilities. You can find these under our door section. Please notify us of your choice at the time of order. Bear in mind that these doors require frameworks and the prices in this section do not account for this.

These buildings can be used to facilitate any process or storage requirement and work well with single spans up to a maximum of 24m. After this another bay is required to be added.


We have an approved list of installers. The core skills required are the same as that for basic steel erection such as pallet racking or mezzanine floors. They generally use the same licensed plant hire equipment in the form of aerial access platforms and tele-handling cranes for erecting the larger frames. If you are currently using these sorts of skills they readily transfer to this work. We will be happy to help you with your first installation or advise you on any other individual issues as required.

As with all the other aspects of this work, we will be happy to quote to project manage the entire works.


The prices in this site are strictly trade only. We decided that the best way to handle the product was by providing you with our very best net ex factory prices and allowing you to select the points at which you require support or intervention from us. For the avoidance of doubt what you buy is the building, delivered to the location specified on your order. Kopron’s terms are 30% with order and balance prior to despatch. You must allow 10 days for each transaction to clear.

Please download our industrial tent warehouse buildings catalogue and a leaflet ready prepared for you to customise to email to your customers. We also give below a download highlighting the benefits of this type of building.

Industrial Buildings Catalogue

Industrial Buildings Leaflet

Kopron industrial tent storage buildings

We also give below a selection of buildings to show some of the variations in the installations we have carried out.  Please note the last picture, bottom right hand corner, is not one of our installations but  shows what can go wrong.  This installation comprised a canopy mounted to a concrete plinth in an exposed location with inevitable results.  We were called in to provide a solution after this incident.  We always meticulously check structural calculations, foundations, wind loadings, snow loadings and the application to come up with a suitable design.  These are not polytunnels.  They are fully fledged industrial assets which have as good a lifespan as any portal frame building and can be relocated without any loss to the asset anywhere in the world where they are required.  You would imagine that with something of this calibre not only are there practical savings to be made, they also have the lowest cost of ownership of any structure of this type with more accessories and industrial facilities than any other type of building.  They are guaranteed to compliment any trade, construction or materials handling engineering portfolio.