Industrial Doors

This section services the needs of architects, engineers, door specialists, material handling equipment specialists and maintenance and facilities managers. Here you can select from a well engineered choice of options. We deal with low headroom, ownership reduction costs, engineered facilities, materials movement, aesthetics and specifics to bring together the exact fulfilment of your requirement.

Architects and general door suppliers and installers will be interested in our domestic garage range. These are effectively sectional doors aimed at the higher end of the domestic market where quality is a pre-requisite.

You will notice if you hover over the main menu bar that there are a number of sub-sections product design specific. We would encourage you to browse the website and please feel free to download these pictures for your quotations. They make excellent presentation pieces.

With PVC strip and panel doors, these are easy enough to obtain in the UK. However if you require power operation, sliding facilities or some extra engineering, this may be harder to find and it is on this site that you will easily be able to solve these sorts of issues and problems.

We feature doors because they are a major part of our steel buildings and no building is complete without a correctly specified access facility. There are a number of free downloads available. Please feel free to help yourself or telephone us on 01661 853198 for more help.

If you hover over the menu bar at the top, you will see sub-menus under industrial doors. These deal with the specific product designs. The images add detail to quotations to help your presentations.

We offer below a leaflet ready for you to personalise to email to your customers

industrial doors leaflet

We give below some guidance notes to help you with your survey when measuring up for our industrial doors

Survey guidance notes

Door Survey Sheet