Designer Residential Garage Doors

This is a range of Italian designer residential garage doors. They will compliment the work of any architectural or master builder’s craftsmanship. Not detailed here, but available, are a full range of automation options so specialists in garage doors will find them an easy range to compliment existing products.

The principal difference between these and mass produced items are that these use standard sectional panels and running gear which we use for industrial applications to provide a much higher quality and specification for the installation. Effectively you are buying a highly durable product which takes up less space than a conventional up and over garage door so for example larger four wheel drive vehicles can park close to the door without the risk of damage from fouling the running trajectory of the door.

From a security point of view there is no comparison. This is not the type of door that can be simply levered open and is less vulnerable to tampering or opportunistic break-ins.

Finally they can be tailored to suit any application or reasonable size. The finish qualities are top of the range and will compliment any installation for which they are specified. Please contact us for more information.

We have 2 ranges, the Traditional and the Living.  Please download the catalogues.

The Traditional Garage Doors Brochure

The Living Garage Doors Brochure