High Speed Folding Up Doors

These industrial high speed vertical folding up doors open at approximately 1m per second. They need between 500mm and 800mm of headroom because as linear doors they slide vertically up in their tracks into the headroom above the door. They are face mounted to the door aperture they are protecting. When they are fully opened they will reveal the clear opening height of the door aperture which will be less than the height required by the high speed linear door. It enables us to fit a very simple high speed drive mechanism that hoists the doors up at high speed affording low cost access with automated door control facilities to maintain environmental condition within the protected area.

These industrial high speed doors are simple to maintain and come as a very functional piece of equipment, fully windbraced and in very wide tracks protected by brush strip. In the event of an incident with the doors they can be simply lifted out of the guides, repaired and replaced. We have avoided designs which ‘pop out’ and ‘pop back’ because we believe this simpler technology is lower cost through safer driver proceduralisation. The wind bracing is designed to prevent accidental dislodgement by the weather.

Available in sizes up to 6m wide and 5.5m high.  Standard colour silver grey and anthracite.  Additional colours on request white/grey, red, green, blue or brown,

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