Vertical Fast Action Self Repairing Doors

Full Safety Protection

This product has been under development for some years before launching our new design in February 2011.  It provides a practical solution for busy access applications, not only for industrial applications, but more delicate installations such as garage showrooms and vehicle plants where contact is not desirable.  Where there are installations when product damage is of more significance than the door, then this is the perfect answer.

The benefits are:

1)  The same fast action opening and closing speeds for environmental control, approximately 1m per second.

2)  Lightweight materials so that in the unlikely event of any vertical contact no damage can occur.

3)  Target protection – the door is designed to give way to impact.

4) A Kopron engineered bespoke self fixing system.

Ease of Use

We have illustrated the sequence shots here on the left to show you how easy and quick this door really self repairs without human intervention.  You simply open the door and the door reconnects into the Kopron zip and glide system.

Manual and Automatic Operations

The same high quality Kopron operating equipment supports these installations and additionally Kopron now provide a painted finish to their galvanised rust inhibited materials so the installation not only looks good for longer, but provides a good surface for future maintenance years down the line.

Easy Fixing

The doors themselves free stand requiring only to be tied back to the existing structures.  As always, in the Kopron range, we will design and provide any necessary steelwork to complete installations where additional engineering support is required.

Technical Content

  • Quality rust inhibitor paint on to treated metal surfaces.
  • Double layer anti-tear Class 2 self extinguishing PVC available with vision panels.
  • Power operation plug and pull technology.
  • Motor inverter control options for soft opening and closing to protect the mechanical function of the installation.
  • Fail safe options for power failures.
  • Operating system includes:   Induction Loop, Remote Detection, Remote Control, Manual Push Button and Manual Pull Cord.
  • Isolator to control panel is a standard connection, hard wired but the motor to the control panel has a plug in option for ease and simplicity of maintenance.