Lift Tables

Getting goods on and off the back of vehicles can be done in a variety of ways, most of them are featured under vehicle loading equipment. The missing one is lift tables or mobile goods lifts which we handle in this section.  We provide a range of special lifting equipment for loading mezzanine floors, aircraft, machinery and of course vehicles. We also handle loading ramps and can manufacture special staging systems to provide operating platforms with roll on/roll off facilities. Not only is this general purpose use, it fits in exceptionally well with the rest of our loading systems, especially the retractable buildings and industrial tents where special docks and access may need to be created.

The height of lift is governed by the pantographs and the pantographs dictate the platform sizes. Generally speaking platforms are shipped horizontally so anything more than 2.4m wide will not fit on to the back of a lorry so please bear this in mind as it will help your customers to get their building specifications correct at the outset. How to choose a Lift Table

Please download our lifting tables catalogue

Lift Tables Catalogue