Vehicle Loading

This section is particularly relevant to completing our loading and yard support systems which include buildings, retractable and industrial tents, dock levelling systems, container loading and lifting tables for confined areas. We can accommodate the tightest of spaces with innovative ideas to creatively resolve most space issues. If you are an architect, specifier or consulting engineer, we are the perfect starting point and regularly save millions on site designs where you may lack key experience on material handling applications which, if planned in at the beginning, will not only help you win more of this type of work, it will go smoothly and very professionally for you supported by people who are passionate about their work. We have well over 1,500 material handling, storage and distribution solutions so we are a ‘must have’ accessory if you are engaged in industrial or commercial design, build, fitting out and equipping work.

Professional Support

Our key suppliers for this equipment now have interests in China, as do all the major hydraulic component manufacturers who support us. This means their equipment is not as cheap as the Chinese but it is not as expensive as it used to be when it was manufactured exclusively in Europe and the U.K. However, it is manufactured to European specifications overseen by U.K. and European engineers who police the manufacturing to our engineering standards. This means things like cycles, motor specifications, duty, steel alloy contents, welding and paint finishes can be relied upon as it is underpinned by our standards. If there is a price difference when you are quoting, please quote this information to your customer. We do not pretend to have exclusivity but we do build to a tried and trusted standard.

Trade Support

If you are trade this entire site will be of great interest to you. You can simply add it in as part of your inventory, network within our own installation and steel erection engineers, plant hire concessions or DIY the work to improve your margins, either way you will be well looked after, including help with quoting, specifying and surveying.