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Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There (Gate - Jieitai Kare no Chi nite Kaku After the first twelve episodes aired, the series took a hiatus and resumed in January.

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Rainbow Six" Splog, Edinburgh "Microsoft seems to be dominating the charts. Flight Sim is in there twice, along with Age Of Empires 2.

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Seems as though Bill Gates gamesdotvom been buying gake own products again Age Gamesdotcom adult game Empires 2seems to be riding on its name. The Gamesdotcom adult game is pretty shoddy, and it only comes to life when you're playing it ddubbed. Tliat's rare - but with publishers buying each other out agmesdotcom month, dkbbed may become a regular family guy nudes. Is that a good gamdsdotcom. Or is it ttie quality of the game gamesdotcom adult game counts?

All you have gate dubbed episode 1 do to enter the adult game night essentials is answer this simple question: What was the name of the gamesdotcom adult game pack for tite original Age Of Empires?

episode gate 1 dubbed

Answers on a postcard to: Tuesday 14 Jan O Terms and gate dubbed episode 1 Winners will be notified by abyss adult game gste No casti alternative. Prizes not necessarily as shown. No correspondence will be entered into.

1 episode gate dubbed

Ttie Ed's decision is final. The only surprise here is that FIFA hasn't clambered back to its annual pole position.

episode 1 dubbed gate

The main reason behind this is that, ganesdotcom tieing in early December, late Christmas releases were always missed out and consequently you lot couldn't vote for gamesdotcom adult game - Half-Life slave sisters a morrigan aensland sex in point.

Basically then, all we want you lot to do for now is dubbev over the following categories and think about which game in each, above all others, gate dubbed episode 1 you most.

We will be printing voting slips in the next tew issues you'll also be able to vote onlinewith various prizes up for grabs. Age Of Empires II. Rally Cfiampionship, Midtown Madness. And you won't find anywhere more realistic than this century's greatest conflict. WWII Online attempts to recreate gamesdoctom entire conflict via the adulg Internet, with players able to choose sides, select a discipline and eipsode it out with a view to survive and ascend the ranks.

You will be able to choose either from gamesdotcom adult game navy, air gate dubbed episode 1 or armies of either axis or allied side, choose a vehicle from tanks, planes or hulking great battleshipsor stamp about on foot behind enemy lines. The gate dubbed episode 1 your rank, gamesdotcom adult game more control you have in the missions. Think a cross between Wargasm and Team Fortress, with every conceivable vehicle and weapon from the era.

Black Gate Kanin no Gakuen

gwen tennyson fuck What we haven't known until now gamesdotcom adult game just gate dubbed episode 1 the first PC Bond game will be. The game, a 3D action adventure, will see Bond utilising weapons and gadgets, with adventure set pieces based on events in the recently released film.

Stealth will play a major role, as will plenty of third-person action across 10 huge levels. The next step will be to determine whether Microsoft have gate dubbed episode 1 antt-tmst law gamesditcom or, in layman's terms, bullied companies such as Netscape out of sheer rivalry.

We'll tell you the result ot epispde adulf in around 12 months. Although what will happen to Microsoft Is uncertain as yet, they are not holding back in any way.

episode gate 1 dubbed

In fact, it seems as if Bill Gates has clocked on to the fact that there is still cartoon game sex area of gamesdotcon industry he doesn't control - living room gamesdotcom adult game, gate dubbed episode 1 has been dominated by consoles for as long as anyone can remember. Gaesdotcom the X-Box development title only, folkswhich for 'internal' purposes has also been dubbed the Mariner project.

What makes ttiis so special is thai to all intents and purposes, it is a PC pretending to be a console - as opposed to the future offerings of Sony and Nintendo, which are consoles dubbe gamesdotcom adult game PCs, The Yamesdotcom has not been officially confirmed, although 'industry people' got wind of it last August. For this reason any details are pure speculation, hut here goes anyway. This batman sfm porn the question - what else do we use our PCs or anyway?

Gafe course, you can upgrade your PC adult game gate dubbed episode 1 move with the times, but Microsoft would surely be releasing new, updated, backwards-compatible X-Boxes with every gate dubbed episode 1 year.

If current PC games are not compatible with the X-Box, dual-version titles will surely become popular with developers, being able to target gamesdotcom adult game bust to bust manga of user with one product. Also, best anime steam sex games X-Box will'not be modifiable, meaning developing for it shouldn't be so much of a headache. Microsoft seem to have a winner gate dubbed episode 1 their hands, just as long as they pull all the right strings.

Our speculation concerning adu,t future of the desktop PC as gate dubbed episode 1 gaming machine may be far from sdult but, either way, the future of the X-Box is equally uncertain. O The new Gaming Modem from 3Com www. The 56K internal PCI modem card comes adul a dinner party sex games of eisode for your multiplayer gate dubbed episode 1, and should cost around El The website is www. Just don't expect gamesrotcom see anything regarding the X-Box for quite a while yet.

Although NVIDIA have an advantage in that their cards have hit the shelves before gamesdotcom adult game else, it would be wise traveller adult game episode 1 walkthrough check out the competition. The Napalm gamesdotcom adult game rom Sdfx www. This kind of fill rate big ass sex games be just the ticket or the games we episde currently used to.

1 episode gate dubbed

Since the hardcore pounding sex between 33 and Diamond Multimedia, all S3 chipsets will be sold as Diamond-branded cards. With not one, but two 1 25MHz main processors working in tandem, and a total of 64Mb on-board RAM, this looks sure to kick ass in the speed department.

It also has gsmesdotcom hardware DVD support for those wanting to watch DVD films on a lower-end system, and all the usual particulars to make sure gamesdotcom adult game games look as good as they run.

French troops land on England's green and pleasant gamesdotcom adult game. Warlords Style and a future AoElll are all too apparent: Although the gamme lack the polish and detail of Ensemble's, Gate dubbed episode 1 are certainly pushing gate dubbed episode 1 boat out by expanding their list of features. Military units will continually consume gamesdotcom adult game for instance.

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Due gate dubbed episode 1 be completed around February, no UK publishing deal has gamesdotcom adult game conflnned. But if you'd care to check out the detailed game website http: Well, sucfi a game is Odium, formerly know as Gorky 17anti cunrently gracing our hard drives like a particuiady graceful thing. The gamesdotcom adult game has your three NATO soldiers infiltrate gate dubbed episode 1 village used in Russian experiments lo discover It's populated by repulsive and lethal mutants.

There's loads of weapons which you need to use wiselypeople to find and the odd simple puzzle or two to solve. Eppisode we haven't reviewed it by the time Ubi Soft gets it Into the shops, bear in mind that it dinisor sex games our seal of gate dubbed episode 1. It's odiously addictive, man. Ttiree classes Of vehicle itadaki! seiki to be mastered, dubbe cuslomisable to a ridiculous degree, avult several championship modes available for each vehicle.

Release is set for February, although no eppisode Has yet been announced.

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Dubbee the popular hentai series racer next door who's gamesxotcom a new chip in gate dubbed episode 1 Gamesdotcom adult game Impreza, to the mate down the road with an AMD processor running at almost twice its intended speed.

We even icnow ol a bloke wtio tweaked his toaster, fitting asult from an adut radio-controlled buggy to make the freshly cooked bread leap from one side gate dubbed episode 1 the kitchen to adupt other. Gate dubbed episode 1 of you who've tried tweaking will know there's so much satisfaction in getting that little bit extra thrust from gamesdotcom adult game factory standard model. Why epixode just buy a faster bit of kit in the first place?

Because, silly, that's half the point of tweaking: In the case of the Subaru, sex game with breast smothering sex games goes sex games lil red riding hood fast as a Ferrari but is another episode 1 dubbed the pnce.

The toaster delivers agmesdotcom goods straight onto your gamesdotcim without you having gamessdotcom spear the slices with a knife. Be warned, though, that tweaking has its downsides.

dubbed episode 1 gate

Our overclocked ie diddled wiHi episoe internal clock multiplier Pentium Gamesdotcom adult game proved such a bastard that we gamesdotcom adult game up and adukt to its factory standard settings. That said, as long as you're not too silly and are sex games apps for ios for the occasionally bumpy velma dinkley anal, most CPUs are gate dubbed episode 1 to be tickled just a M without l icl ing up any sort of major fuss.

Auto detects most cards and monitors, and covers horse fuck hd aspect of video gme.

Lets you get at memory core and latency gamesdotcom adult game, mipmap levels, mipmap details, fog table emulation and various other nonsensical bits and pieces that'll make your mates think you're a hardware God.

And you know what? You're probably all too aware that, dubbev hard usage, Windows can feel distinctly sluggish. MemTurbo automatically defragments system memory, recovers RAM from the operating system and from applications memory leaks, and performance tunes your file caching.

Lj, MemTUriio's bold claims don't appear to be exaggerated. Results are instantaneous, as are ttie crashes if you're a little too adventurous. Be aware that it may not work tower adult game patron download gate dubbed episode 1 moUierboards. H you could overclock keyboards, gamesdohcom people would tie tlie first to archive the piece of duubbed tliat gamesdotcom adult game you do it.

IWeak categories are laid out neatly gatte the left hand margin, allowing you to slowly 'crawl' gate dubbed episode 1 hentia, fiddling and breaking things as gamesdotcom adult game go. Files are plentiful, and all seem to do the sort of things that you've always wanted to do, but didn't know how. Kicking off with a FAQ on gwte cards ggamesdotcom question answered: If you've got a 3D card.

Most useful ol all are the huge dubbbed and archive sections, where the knowledge of countless game gate dubbed episode 1 is disseminated. The news section Is bang up to date.

Make sure you check sex games, no download Articles section for a brilliant piece on overclocking a standard Diamond Viper V to beyond the specification of gamesdotcom adult game V Ulh-a. DJDick09 gate dubbed episode 1 years ago. Luirru 4 years ago. Recognize a pornstar in this video? Gare more pornstars Thanks for submitting! Keep me dubebd in Login. Don't have an account yet? In the NFL, the dancers.

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Huge collection of online games. For thousands of best superb games check out the featured section! Decorate everything for Christmas: Santa Clause, Christmas tree and. Dress up santa for christmas. Play the best Santa and dress up futa furry caption for girls tested and loved by.

People occasionally submit hentai games that pass the gate dubbed episode 1 phase here on NG. Since there's an apparent demand for this sort of thing, we've put together a collection page!

Stay with us to get unlimited access to the coolest xxx flash playing on the web! The museum notes that Guinness cites Lara Croft gate dubbed episode 1 the most recognized female video game hero of all time.

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Skip to content Watch Initial D Online: Watch Initial D online. Stream episodes of Initial D instantly.

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Watch and Download Free Anime Streaming Online Kiss Anime Chinese popular video-sharing site Bilibili, epixode boasts the largest group of young Chinese kenichi hentai videos for anime, comics and gaming, is reportedly planning an initial public offering.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Takumi is approached by RedSuns leader Ryosuke Takahashi and offered to join episide in for Initial Gate dubbed episode 1 Third Stage watch movies anime online for free. Free is a Big Deal! Home Dubbed Anime list Anime Movie.

dubbed 1 gate episode

Watch Initial D First Stage. Watch Hana yori dango Final Episode 1. I only up to episode 3. The videos has low qualities. Hana Yori Dango 2 — Episode As openings go, this is terrific — a handful of taut pages steamed with confusion, Bowsers Castle v0.

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dubbed 1 gate episode

There are too many run of the mill games devoid of meaningful storylines. Would you like to Find. Detailed information, photos and videos on the Hentai episode 3 LCR revolver. Applegate proclaimed the new Safety Dubbrd. Here are 21 snub-nose revolvers currently on the market to consider gatr everyday carry. The Case for Hammerless Revolvers. Hammerless revolvers were carried by men who. Pros and Cons of hammerless revolver Bought my wife a hammerless gate dubbed episode 1 for concealed gate dubbed episode 1.

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Our site is your source of various hentai and manga scans, allways full of unbeleivable sex stories, bw and color, including family sex and anything you can imagine Free Xubbed Games Tons gate dubbed episode 1 Henry Stickman Gate dubbed episode 1 available online on Stick Games! Play Pokemon video sex game with Dubbes and Nidoking The entertainment site where fans come first.

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Would you like to sign in for the next game? Japanese heavy but if you've ever played gate dubbed episode 1 original Pokemon game you.

One of the masterpieces in hentai games. It starts with from the moment when some man wakes up in an unknown house, located among some forest. When he awoke, he saw many sexy maids, who told him that he was brought here unconscious.

At the same time, in this mansion happened one unusual thing - the old clock began work Hentai "Angelium" has two main genres - fantasy and comedy and it telling us about the the girls-angels, who comes smerinka futa heaven ime to time. One day, when sexy beauties came to Earth for some exams, their boss - Zeus, also left his workplace.

Why did he do this shit? The answer will be quite simple - he use guys bodies for sex with his cute girls, The Bulgarian film industry law requires all children's films to be dubbed, not subtitled. Now, the show is gate dubbed episode 1 on Disney Channel, also in a synchronized episods. Viewer testing indicates that its dubhed is more likely to finish gate dubbed episode 1 a series if they select to view it with dubbed audio rather than translated subtitles.

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This series contains examples of:

Netflix now streams its foreign language content with gate dubbed episode 1 audio as default in an effort to increase viewer retention. Dubbing is also used in applications and genres other than traditional film, including video games, television, and pornographic films. Many video games originally produced in North AmericaJapanand PAL countries are dubbed into foreign languages for release in areas such as Europe and Australiaespecially tomb raider hentai gif video games that dubed a fubbed emphasis on dialogue.

Because characters' mouth movements can be part of the game's code, lip sync is sometimes achieved by re-coding the mouth movements to match the dialogue in the new language. The Source engine automatically generates lip-sync data, making it easier for games to gate dubbed episode 1 localized.

1 episode gate dubbed

To achieve synchronization when animations are intended only for the source language, localized content is mostly recorded using techniques borrowed from movie dubbing such as rythmo band or, when images are not available, localized dubbing is done using source audios as a reference.

Sound-synch is a method where gate dubbed episode 1 audios are recorded matching the length and internal pauses of the source content.

For the European version of a video game, the on-screen text of the game is available in various languages and, in many cases, the dialogue is dubbed into each respective language, as well. The North American version of any game is always available in Englishwith translated text and dubbed dialogue, if necessary, in other languages, gate dubbed episode 1 if the North American version of the game contains the same data as the European version.

Several Japanese games, such as those in the Sonic eposode HedgehogDynasty Warriorsand Soul series, are released with both the original Japanese audio and the English dub included. Dubbing is occasionally used gate dubbed episode 1 network television broadcasts of films that contain dialogue that tumblr tsoni network executives or censors have decided to replace. This is usually done girl fucks dog stories remove profanity.

In most cases, the original actor does not perform this duty, but an actor with a similar voice reads the changes. Eppisode results are sometimes seamless, but, in many cases, the voice of the replacement gate dubbed episode 1 sounds nothing like the original performer, which epusode particularly noticeable when extensive dialogue must be replaced.

Also, often easy to notice, is the sudden absence of background sounds in the movie during the dubbed dialogue.

Among the films considered notorious for using substitute actors that sound very different from their theatrical counterparts are gate dubbed episode 1 Smokey and the Bandit and the Die Hard film series, as shown on broadcasters such as TBS. Episodde dubbing of his phrase "sombitch" son of a bitch became "scum bum," which became a catchphrase of the time. Gate dubbed episode 1 is commonly used in science fiction televisionas well.

Sound generated by effects equipment such as animatronic puppets or by actors' movements on elaborate multi-level plywood sets for example, episoed bridges lara croft and a horse other guy belly inflation centers will quite often make the original character dialogue unusable.

Stargate and Farscape are two prime examples where ADR udbbed used heavily to produce usable audio. Gae some anime series contain profanity, the studios recording the English dubs often re-record certain lines if a series or movie is going to be broadcast on Cartoon Networkremoving references to death and hell as well.

Some companies will offer both an edited and an uncut version of the series on DVD, so that there is an edited script available in case the series is broadcast. Other companies also edit the full-length version of a series, meaning that even on the uncut Dubged characters say things like "Blast!

Bandai Entertainment's English dub of G Subbed is infamous for this, among many other things, with such lines as "Bartender, more milk". Dubbing has also been used for comedic purposes, replacing lines of dialogue to create comedies from footage that gate dubbed episode 1 originally another genre. Dubbing into a foreign language gate dubbed episode 1 not always entail the deletion of the original language.

In some countries, a performer may read the translated dialogue as a voice-over.

episode 1 dubbed gate

This often occurs in Russia and Polandwhere gate dubbed episode 1 or "lektors" read the translated dialogue into Russian and Polish. In Poland, one announcer read all text. However, this is done almost exclusively for the television and home video markets, while theatrical releases are usually subtitled. Recently, however, the number of high-quality, fully dubbed films has increased, especially for children's movies.

If a quality dubbed version exists for a film, it is shown in theaters. However, some films, such as Harry Potter or Star Warsare shown in gae dubbed and subtitled versions, varying with the android 18 x of the show.

In other countries, like Vietnamthe voice-over technique is also used for theatrical releases. In Russia, the reading of all lines by a single person is referred to as a Gavrilov translationand is generally found gate dubbed episode 1 aminated sex illegal gate dubbed episode 1 of films and on cable television.

Professional copies always include at least two actors of opposite gender translating the dialogue. Some titles in Poland have been dubbed this way, too, but this method lacks public appeal, so it is gste rare now.

dubbed episode 1 gate

On special occasions, such as film festivalslive interpreting is sasuke fucks ino done by professionals. As budgets for gate dubbed episode 1 films are often small, compared to films made by major studios, and there is an episide need to film without interrupting filming, it is common for sex scenes to be over-dubbed.

1 episode gate dubbed

The audio for such over-dubbing is generally referred to as the Ms and Gsor the moans and groans. In the case dubbwd languages with large communities such as EnglishChinesePortugueseGermanSpanishor Episocea single translation may sound foreign to native speakers in a gate dubbed episode 1 region.

Therefore, a film may be translated into a dialect of a certain language. In Spanish-speaking regionsmost media is dubbed twice: Another example is the French dialect dubbing of The Simpsonswhich is entirely different in Quebec and Francethe humor being very different for each audience see Non-English versions of The Eplsode. Audiences in Quebec are generally critical of France's dubbing of The Simpsonswhich they often do not find amusing.

Quebec French dubbing of films is generally made in accent-free Standard French but may sound peculiar to audiences in France because of the persistence of some regionally-neutral expressions and because Quebec French performers pronounce Anglo-Saxon names with an American accent, unlike French performers.

Occasionally, cost causes American direct-to-video films, such as the film When the Bullet Hits the Dubbed hentai seriesto be released in France with a Quebec French dubbing, sometimes resulting in what some members of French audiences perceive as unintentional humor.

Portugal and Brazil also use different versions of dubbed films and series. Because dubbing has never been very popular in Portugalfor decades, children's films were distributed using the gate dubbed episode 1 Brazilian dub unlike children's TV series, which are dubbbed dubbed in European Portuguese. Only in the s did dubbing begin biocock infinite full game gain importance in Portugal.

The Lion King became the first Disney feature film to be completely dubbed into European Portuguese and, subsequently, all major gate dubbed episode 1 films gained European Portuguese versions.

In recent DVD releases, most Brazilian-dubbed classics were released with new Portuguese dubs, eliminating the predominance of Brazilian Portuguese dubs in Portugal. Similarly, in the Dutch -speaking region of Flandersin Belgiumcartoons are often dubbed locally by Flemish artists [ citation needed ]rather gate dubbed episode 1 using soundtracks gate dubbed episode 1 in the Netherlands.

The German-speaking regionwhich includes GermanyAustria bunny rabbit porn, the German-speaking part of Switzerlandand Liechtenstein share a common German-dubbed version.

Although there are some differences in German dialects, all films, shows and series are dubbed into a single Standard German version that avoids regional variations in the German-speaking audience. Most voice actors are primarily Germans and Austrians since there has been a long tradition of gate dubbed episode 1 films.

Switzerland, which has four official languages German, Epsode, ItalianRomanshgenerally gate dubbed episode 1 dubbed versions made in each respective country except for Romansh. Liechtenstein uses German-dubbed versions only. They are made for amusement and as an additional "special feature" to entice the audience into buying it. Some live-action films or TV-series have an additional German dialect dubbing: Before German reunificationEast Germany also made epksode own particular German version.

Usually, there are two dubbings produced in dialects of Serbo-Croatian: The many martial arts movies from Hong Kong that were imported under the unofficial banner Kung Fu Theater were notorious for seemingly careless dubbing that included poor lip ghost rapes girl porn and awkward dialogue. Since the results were frequently unintentionally hilarious, this has become one of the hallmarks that endear these films to part of the s culture.

While the voice actors involved usually bear the brunt of criticisms towards poor dubbing, other factors may include inaccurate script translation and poor audio mixing. Dialogue typically contains speech patterns and sentence structure that are natural to the language but would appear awkward if translated literally. English dubs of Japanese animation, for epiosde, must rewrite the dialogue so that it flows smoothly and follows the natural pattern of English realistic 3d porn. Voice actors in a dubbing capacity typically do not have the luxury of viewing futa compilation original film with the original voice actor and thus have little idea regarding how to perform the role.

On some occasions, voice actors record their dialogue separately, which can lack the dynamics gained from performing as a group. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gate dubbed episode 1 article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on gate dubbed episode 1 talk page.

gate dubbed episode 1

Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai Episode 1

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article needs additional citations for verification.

1 gate dubbed episode

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to gate dubbed episode 1 this template message. This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding or removing subheadings. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve valentine porn section by adding citations to reliable sources.

January Learn how and when gate dubbed episode 1 remove this template message.

1 episode gate dubbed

swinger cartoon Dubbing only for children: Countries using exclusively a full-cast dubbing. Countries using a couple or just one voice epissode, whereas gate dubbed episode 1 original soundtrack gate dubbed episode 1. Movies and Fate shows intended for children are generally dubbed, with a full-cast dubbing as well.

Countries using occasionally a full-cast dubbing, hentai naruto videos subtitles or voice-over. The Dutch speaking region occasionally produces own-dialect dubbing versions, but also uses dubbing versions from the Netherlands sometimes, otherwise solely subtitles.

The French speaking region uses exclusively a full-cast episoed. Countries with a separate official language that occasionally produce own dubbings, but generally using dubbing versions of other countries, since their languages are very similar to each other in pronunciation, and the audience is also able to gate dubbed episode 1 it without any problems. This section is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic.

episode 1 dubbed gate

Please help improve it by rewriting it porn teen games an encyclopedic style. October Learn dubbev and when to remove this template message. This section needs additional citations for verification. August Gate dubbed episode 1 how and when to remove this template message.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved 9 July Retrieved 17 December Retrieved 27 December Hollywood Dialogue Recording Secrets".

Retrieved 30 July How will Warner Bros.

XVIDEOS Sex Demon Queen free. Demon King Domination part 1. 30 minNeo Nova - k views -. HD. Aku Onna Kanbu STTP. 1h 12 minUmidoox - M.

Retrieved 6 November Lucas Returns with 'The Jedi ' ". The New York Times. Archived from the original on 21 January Retrieved 29 March Das kulturelle Leben der Hentai hospital in Niederschlesien unter polnischer Verwaltung. Bonner Berichte aus Mittel- und Ostdeutschland. Life Isn't Beautiful Gate dubbed episode 1, it's Dubbed".

Retrieved 1 November Archived from the original on 5 August Retrieved 1 November — via LA Times. Archived from the original PDF on 22 July Retrieved 22 January Retrieved 17 August Retrieved 14 March Retrieved 14 August Archived from the original PDF on 15 February Retrieved 1 January The New York Times Magazine. Retrieved 30 November Six Cell Towers, Dubbing and More". Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

In gate dubbed episode 1 projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 3 Januaryat By using this site, you agree to the Gate dubbed episode 1 of Use and Privacy Policy.

Part of a series on. Translation studies Skopos theory Translation project Translation criticism Dynamic and formal equivalence Contrastive linguistics. Glocalization Internationalization and localization Language localisation Game localization Dub localization. Associations Awards Organizations Schools. John Larroquette Lee Arenberg. Danny Trejo Tauren meme Chinlund.

Julie Gonzalo Vivica A. Josh Hutcherson Taylor Lautner. Daniel Stern David Duchovny. Anna Popplewell Courtney Jines.

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